Hosting A Summer Ending Party While On Recovery

Autumn is almost here and what better way to bid goodbye to the summer than hosting a party in your San Diego, CA backyard. Being an addict doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life to its fullest. And it definitely does not mean you can’t invite all your friends and family over for a night of fun with great entertainment, minus the beer pong or shotgun relay tournaments.

It’s natural for you to be hesitant. San Diego parties often center around booze, and of drugs in some cases. While most people will be worrying about what to wear to the party or whether there’ll be enough drinks, as a recovering alcoholic your main concern will be your sobriety – but this shouldn’t necessarily stop you. Social interactions plays an important role in your recovery process and oftentimes help to encourage a better way of life after recovery.

As you begin planning your San Diego, CA summer ending party, here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

Go For Non-alcoholic Drinks


This is the single most important thing to remember. Try to keep in mind that your options are not limited when it comes to finding non-alcoholic beverages for your party. There are plenty of sodas, lemonades, teas, smoothies and even virgin margaritas that you can opt for. Simply entering “non-alcoholic party beverages” into Google Search Engine will turn up a lot of great recipes for you to use. Just try to be creative and show you guest how enjoyable and delicious alcohol-free drinks can be.

Arrange Fun Activities For Your Guests


Since you’re primarily throwing a sober party, try to center your party around fun activities that will keep you guests entertained and happy without the need to get tipsy. Put out interactive board games, turn up the music to get everyone dance, or simply put on a funny movie that you can poke fun at to keep your guest laughing.

Throw A Day Party


You may think a night party is much cooler. However, having a day party during recovery is the best way to ensure that no alcohol ends up at your sober party. People have grown to expect alcohol at night-time celebrations, while it’s less expected at a celebration held during the daytime. After all, there are more drunk driving related accidents in San Diego at nights versus the daytime.

These are just a few tips that you can guide you through planning your summer ending party. Try to inform your guest of your “no alcohol” rule prior to their arrival . And if you begin to feel a bit uncomfortable during the party, inform one of your close friend or a family member who will be able to support you through the night.

At BLVD Treatment Centers we focus on alcohol addiction treatment for the long-term at our San Diego alcohol rehabilitation center. During recovery we want our patients to be able to lead a happy life and encourage them to surround themselves by friends and family members who can be a positive influence on their lives. Remember, your alcohol recovery journey doesn’t have to be a living hell!


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