Parents: Learn The Warning Signs If Your Teen Is Into Drugs

The problem with drug addiction is rampant everywhere. In fact, anyone regardless of status in life, lifestyle preference, role you play in the society or cultural upbringing can be a victim to drug substance abuse. What could be more alarming these days is the fact that your teenage son or daughter may fall through the use of prohibited drugs. So, how can you as a concerned parent detect or become aware of the possible signs that your teen child is already taking drugs or not? Below are 5 warnings signs that every parent should pay attention with their teens.


1.Change in sleeping pattern

The most visible sign that parents should watch out when suspecting their teens to be into substance abuse is sudden change in sleeping pattern. If you have noticed lately that your teen’s sleeping habit dramatically change, this is quite unusual. Like being wide awake at night when he or she is supposed to be in bed and sleeping soundly.

2.Change in appetite

Another warning sign that will confirm there is a possibility that your teenage son or daughter is taking drugs is due to sudden change in eating or appetite. If your teen is known to be a picky eater and suddenly seems to indulge on any meal served on the table or rummages the fridge in the middle of the night, keep gaining weight and shows major change in appetite, this could validate your suspicion that he or she is under the influence of drugs.

3.Has strong desire to be alone most of the time

One of the common signs that will tell that your teen is having issues with drug addiction is when he or she has strong desire to be alone most of the time and prefer staying in his or her room often than bonding with the family which is very contradicting to his or her usual self, outgoing and full of life.

4.Sudden poor performance at school

Is your teen continuously getting low scores in exams and other school assignments? If you have been receiving reports from your teen’s school administration or class adviser about his or her sudden poor performance in school like coming late or skipping class, coming unprepared for a major exam or been lately involved with troubles in school, be more vigilant. Why? This is an indication of something isn’t right on your teen’s present attitude and could be due to the influence of bad vices like substance abuse.

5.Presence of drug paraphernalia in your teen’s room

Have you recently discovered the presence of drug paraphernalia inside your teen’s room? If you found unusual items like pipe, glass bong, opened sachets or used syringe, this is valid proof that your teen or someone close to them is taking drugs.


Drug or substance abuse is becoming a growing concern not only in the society where we live, but by every family who happens to have a teenage son or daughter who is still on the process of exploring many things. If you are still in doubt whether your teen is really under the influence of prohibited drugs or not, check the presence of the above warning signs. If your suspicion leads to the final answer of intake of drugs, contact a reliable drug rehab treatment center for professional advice on how you can have your teen properly diagnosed for substance abuse and inquire about their outpatient drug treatment program. Early detection of your teen’s drug or substance abuse could be the initial step in finding the perfect outpatient drug rehab suited for his or her specific needs.


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