The Danger Of DIY Detox Kits And Going Cold Turkey

Even today with the advances in medicine and medical technology, a lot of people still prefer to follow the old lesson our grandparents instilled into us that, “if you want something to be done right, it’s best to do it yourself.” The problem is, when it comes to treating an addiction to drugs or alcohol, that’s never a good idea.

Thanks to the increase in mandatory drug testing for employees in Orange County, CA, there’s been a quick rise in the number of DIY drug and alcohol detox trends. For any employees seeking to quickly rid their body of a drug, a quick Google search of “Do-it-Yourself detox for drug test” will turn up tons of DIY kits and remedies. Then there’s the popular alternative of going cold turkey before a drug test.

19-Year-Old Develops Psychosis After Using DIY Detox Kit 


Back in 2011 the U.S. National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health, published a case in which a college student, just 19 years old, developed psychosis after using a DIY detox kit purchased online. The young man who purchased the kit after smoking cannabis in order to pass his urine drug test, was not prepared for what happened.

It was only two days into using the kit that he became paranoid and began displaying unusually erratic  behavior. He quickly became agitated and combative. Luckily, his mother called 911 before he could harm himself or anyone around him. According to the report, he told his doctors in the emergency room that he started “seeing some weird things” after using the kit.

They each claim to be a miracle worker and guarantee you’ll pass your drug tests, but the reality is many of these kits don’t deliver on their claims. Most are loaded with unknown ingredients and are  not regulated by the FDA. Once they’ve secured payment, you’re on your own but the biggest price you may have to pay is your health.

The Harm In Going Cold Turkey 


The popular phrase “going cold turkey” refers to when an addict abruptly stops using the substance they’ve become dependent on. As it relates to drug detox, doing this isn’t the safest route. Late stage withdrawal from most addictive substances can cause severe life-threatening issues.

For example, in the final stage of alcohol withdrawal many people begin to display symptoms of anxiety, heart failure, insomnia, seizures, nausea and hallucinations. Indeed, the extent and prevalence of these symptoms may vary with each addict, and may be affected by any existing psychological disorder or serious medical issue. However, going cold turkey can have serious consequences for any addict. Your best bet is to seek medically supervised detoxification from an Orange County, CA rehabilitation center.

Seek Out Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Orange County, CA


If you or one of your loved ones has an addiction, it is recommended that you seek the help of an addiction Rehab center for medically supervised detoxification. This means entering an Orange County, CA rehabilitation center like the BLVD Treatment Centers with licensed medical professionals trained to supervise drug and alcohol detoxification. At BLVD Treatment Centers we monitor each patient carefully during the recovery process to limit the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Our staff has access to useful resources and are trained on how to lower withdrawal and drug-craving symptoms.

Seeking help if you have an addiction is not a sign of weakness, but willpower to seek help when you need it.  It indicates maturity and the desire for self-improvement. To increase your chance at recovery and ensure that you have the best experience, contact BLVD Treatment Centers. We offer drug Treatment programs to Orange County CA residents and are devoted to helping our patients get back on track with their lives. Call us now at 1-866.582.9844.


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