Hollywood Rehab And Medical Center: Can I Bring Back My Self-Esteem After A Rehab

Many individuals who have been suffering from drug or substance addiction have completely lost their self-esteem or confidence and it’s always this crucial question that they ask the Hollywood rehab and medical center if they can still rebuild whatever they lost along the way such as relationship, job or getting to their usual self. Is there really hope at the end of a rehab treatment? Let me first discuss why self-esteem or self-worth is vital to full recovery.


What is self-esteem?

We all know for a fact that self-esteem mean how we put value to oneself and it’s often use as basis on what other people see in the person. For example, individuals who have high levels of self-esteem or self-worth put greater value on themselves and feel superior in their lives. On the other, for people with low self-esteem, they see themselves as inferior.

What can low self-esteem do to one’s life?

A person with low self-esteem is continually in search of happiness and that’s the reason why they might fall into drugs or substance abuse to escape the reality. It’s essential that this belief is corrected to a person suffering from addiction.

What are the benefits one could from a rehab treatment?

Whether you will be enrolling yourself to an intensive outpatient program or outpatient program, there are countless benefits and may include the following:

  • Receive appropriate care and treatment
  • Regain your lost self-esteem or self-worth
  • Learn to deal with your addiction cravings the right way by diverting your thoughts to activities that will promote positive thoughts
  • Become better person in the society by applying the techniques that will teach love for others

Living a healthier lifestyle by following a nutritious diet, attending yoga, massage therapy and art classes.

Can rehab treatments bring positive responses to the person with addiction problem?


Rehab treatments can really foster positive responses to the person with addiction problem. In fact, as a special rehab treatment plan is created to treat a patient’s level of addiction, the whole process can indeed bring positive effects and may include the following:

  • As the person becomes drug-free, he or she can achieve a happier state of mind. When the person is contended with the way things are happening, he or she can overpower the negative thoughts from controlling his or her present disposition.
  • The person sees he or she has a purpose in life, eliminating the need to take drugs.
  • The moment the person with addiction problem builds his or her lost self-esteem, he or she aspires for better things in life such as getting back to his or her work, rebuilding the trust and love of loved ones.

Full acceptance of who they are in the community they belong.

How to select the best rehab treatment facility?

The success of your rehab treatment can entirely depend on your choice of rehab treatment facility. If you want to make sure you only get the best treatment for your addiction problem, use the following pointers when selecting a rehab treatment provider:

  • Check if the Hollywood Hills rehab center is fully accredited to give rehab treatments.
  • Ask if the rehab facility employs licensed and highly skilled medical personnel to treat patients.
  • Get references from past clients who availed their treatment programs.
    Read reviews, client’s testimonials and comments to verify their overall performance.

Visit forum communities with topics of discussion on detox and rehab treatment facilities.

What other concerns to consider before undergoing a rehab treatment?

Among the other concerns that you must not overlook before enrolling yourself or your loved one to a rehab treatment are:

  • Get a detailed report of your health condition, so that the rehab facility will know other health issues to monitor during your admission to a detox or rehab treatment program.
  • Rates of each rehab package plan and if the expenses can be covered with your medical or health insurance policy.
  • Length of the programs, both for inpatient and outpatient options.
    Verify if aftercare support is included.

    I do hope this topic has helped you understand fully the importance of self-esteem to one’s life, particularly to a person with addiction problem. If you want to know more how a rehab facility could help you or your loved one put an end to drug or substance addiction, don’t delay the decision, call and book for a private consultation.


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