What Is The Role Of A Drug Intervention Specialist?

Did you know the successful outcome of your decision making on which option to consider for your drug rehab treatment depends on one expert? Yes, this person is the only one who is equipped with knowledge on what would be the appropriate treatment care to help a person with addiction problem achieve sobriety. Who am I referring to?  We often refer to this professional as the drug intervention specialist. If you really want to know the real role of a drug intervention specialist to a drug dependent’s life, here are a few things you need to know.


Definition of a drug intervention specialist

The drug intervention specialist is also referred as the “addiction interventionist”. This professional has acquired specialization in mental health. The role of the drug intervention specialist in most cases of drug and substance abuse problems is help in the planning and implementing of the interventions he or she see appropriate to the patient concerned. Most of the drug intervention specialists work in rehab treatment centers, residential drug rehab facilities and other outpatient drug rehab clinics.

Duties and responsibilities of a drug intervention specialist

The role of a drug intervention specialist may cover various duties and responsibilities like the following:

  • Do the necessary arrangements for the recommended drug rehab treatment program.
  • Guide family members of the drug addict to become involved in the treatment program.
  • Provide adequate information to loved ones and the drug dependent that disadvantages of drugs and substance abuse.
  • Ensure that the interventions are on track.
  • Help families of the drug dependent come to realize that they need to take part of the interventions.

What to expect in a drug intervention?

The first phase to solving an addiction problem like drugs or substance abuse is the drug intervention phase. Here are the different stages of that you can expect to happen in a drug intervention.



The intervention is carefully planned like setting the perfect time, date as well as the place or venue where the drug intervention specialist presence is required to act a mediator. Here, the role of the drug intervention specialist during the preparation stage is help the family members or anyone whom the drug dependent regard as important must all decide when is the best time to do the intervention.

Actual day of the intervention

Once the date, time and place is already determined, the actual day of intervention will materialize if the drug dependent arrives and the family members and other groups will need to convince the drug dependent to listen on what they have to say. If they succeeded in convincing the addict to listen, the role of the drug intervention specialist is explain the growing concerns and fears of the family members on the drug dependent’s drug addiction problem. The family members and others who came to show support will confront the drug dependent about their apprehensions, sentiments and the overall effect of his or her addiction to their lives.

What to expect after the intervention?

After the intervention, the drug dependent is required to make a decision, either get the appropriate drug rehab treatment or face the risks. If the drug dependent decided to undergo rehabilitation, the role of a drug intervention specialist is help find the most suitable treatment to meet his or her specific needs, either receive outpatient treatments or be admitted to a residential rehab treatment facility as inpatient.

Have you finally realized the true role of a drug intervention specialist in solving a loved one’s addiction problem? If you still have concerns or unanswered questions at the back of your mind, I suggest you seek a drug rehab facility and book a private meeting with one of their drug interventions specialists. Remember, intervention is the very first action that must be done to help someone you love with drug addiction come to his or her senses that it’s time to put an end to this problem and live a normal life.


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